Ratfist a new webcomic by Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel is one of the most original and most talented comic book artist/writers/creators out there. Bar none. If he creates a comic story (or a story in any other medium, really) he goes all out, creating energetic, ridiculous, powerful, unique, moving, and stimulating characters, plots, and visuals.

Is it obvious that we’re fans?

So today, we at WebComics.cc opened our portal into the Twitterverse and discovered some people tweeting about a new webcomic from TenNapel, which seems to be a superhero story called Ratfist.

Really, all we needed to get excited was “new” and “TenNapel” in the same sentence.

But let’s add to that, and multiply the excitement. “Webcomic” — free, online, regularly updated. “Superhero” — a genre that should be a lot of fun to see TenNapel explore — and from the single page that has been posted so far, he seems to be ready to explore the tropes and conceits of costumed vigilantes in his trademark off-kilter way. “Ratfist” — obviously, this isn’t mainstream Marvel or DC, and at the same time I can’t help feeling this story just might be ABOUT mainstream Marvel and DC.

One page has been posted. Normally, we at WebComics.cc would wait a bit to promote an online comic, because there’s always a chance it’s not going to last more than a couple pages. But in this case, we just HAD to get word out.

So, no ratings (or “rattings”) or anything like that right now. This isn’t a review, there’s only one page up. It’s an awesome page . . . but it’s alone. We’ll save reviewing or whatever for later. For now, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor . . . to start at the beginning of what promises to be a simply awesome online comic. Click below and see for yourself:

Ratfist by Doug TenNapel

Ratfist Copyright © Doug TenNapel.