SPOTLIGHT on The Dreamland Chronicles

I’m a sucker for The Dreamland Chronicles, I’ll admit it.

I love that it is a big, epic fantasy. I love that it has a lot of fun, interesting characters. I love that it takes the time to have some of those quiet character moments. I love that Scott Christian Sava has been able to actually produce 1000 pages of material in his story, in a world where many creators just give up around page 10. I love that he has, like, tens or hundreds of thousands of readers.

But I just discovered something that, to be honest, was there for a long time but I’d never noticed before, that makes The Dreamland Chronicles even more fun.

The first is this introduction to The Dreamland Chronicles, a short comic that acts as an introduction to the website and all the little features that the website has. The most important feature, to me? Found on page five of the introduction, there is a look at the bookmark. For a story as long as Dreamland Chronicles, this is an awesome feature to have, and one that makes tackling such a hefty amount of story a much less intimidating task. If length was a reason you didn’t want to get into The Dreamland Chronicles, you no longer have that excuse.

The second is this awesome “comic-mentary”, a documentary styled series of about a dozen pages that get into the creation of The Dreamland Chronicles. “Bringing Dreamland to Life” shows, in broad strokes, the steps of the process that Sava and his team go through to create The Dreamland Chronicles. It’s interesting and fun to see.

These two little treasures from the Dreamland website supplement things nicely, but really they’re just a small part of the reason you should be reading this comic. “The Chronicles of Narnia if done by Pixar as a comic” is a great way to describe The Dreamland Chronicles, and the story, characters, and art are the reasons you should be reading it.