Webcomic Wednesday: KJ Kolkas “The Cardinal”


K.J. Kolka has been doing his series “The Cardinal” for twenty years.

The first round of his Cardinal stories started in 1990, with a comic strip that was very reminiscent of classic comic strips like Dick Tracy, Annie, and other newspaper adventure strips. His other major influence in crafting the stories was the Marvel stories from the ’60′s. Anyone who reads The Cardinal will not be surprised to find that Kolka is a big fan of the classic Ant-Man and Avengers and other Marvel series from that era. The final inspiration for Kolka was his faith. Kolka’s Christianity played a huge part in developing the storylines and characters for The Cardinal.

That chapter of The Cardinal closed in 2006, when Kolka decided to change the focus and style of The Cardinal, tweaking it for a more modern audience. In November, 2007, The Cardinal reappeared, this time online on the Comics Sherpa website. Every week since then, Kolka has presented a new strip every Sunday. Both the storytelling and the artwork are more “modern” looking, but Kolka’s faith is still very present in his new series.

The Cardinal series can be found here. If you want to read from the beginning of that series, click here. The new The Cardinal series is self-contained, as Kolka planned for it to be a relaunch or a reboot of the character. It’s a fun series, and the current storyarc is one of Kolka’s best stories ever.

K.J. Kolka is a dedicated and talented comic creator, who has been working on a single character for two decades, and that’s why we’re proud to focus on him in our Spotlight.

K.J. Kolka’s The Cardinal

Age range: all ages

Rating: ten beaks up!